Coastal cities of India are indeed the treasures explored by global travellers. The realistic beauty and surprises possessed by every coastal city is something spectacular which every traveller would love to look into.

The long stretches of shore lines in India is home to row of wonderfully located cities where the culture and lifestyle of the native residents are strongly connected to the sea, the genesis of their language, culture, tradition, cuisines and lifestyle on the whole.

The coastal line of India runs through different regions of the country which is absolutely distinct in every region. Demography, climatic conditions, language, cuisine, traditions and culture, lifestyle differ from region to region, which an individual cannot fully explore even after spending the entire life span.

After landing on the coast, with our free pick up facilities, you can start exploring the city, get to know about the magic and madness of the city in a short span of few hours. The iconic locations, distinct cultural practices, signature activities specially crafted to give an insight into the routes of the city will be covered in your excursion.

Go around the monuments speaking volumes about the historic heritage of the city, marvel the architectures of the magnificent temples which are the communal hubs inculcating social harmony and peace since ages. Witness the grandeur in the churches built with the European style of architectures, the remnants of British, Dutch and Portuguese colonies in India, which can even be felt as a tint in the cuisines even today. Visit the shopping zones from where you can buy the souvenirs unique to the city, to gift to your loved ones, relish the delicacies distinctly unique to the region, reflecting the culture and lifestyle. Take part in the activities, interact with the locals to know more about the region, cultural values and traditions.

Free pickup and drop at the port, excursion through the city in air-conditioned vehicles, accompaniment of guide to give you an insider’s perspective about every prominent location across the city and an optional upgraded private tour are the special features of this offshore excursion.

Cholan Tours awaits to give you an unforgettable experience loaded with unlimited funs and fond memories to take back!