Houseboat Booking

Are you a curious traveller, planning to visit one of the most gorgeous locations on earth, embraced by the original essence of nature all around? Then one of your top choices should be the South Indian state Kerala, commonly called as God’s Own Country.

Kerala, the most popular touristic locations frequented by global travellers attracts everyone with its versatility blended with nature. The unique geographic locations, scenic hills, expanse of tea plantations, waterfalls and lakes, cuisines embracing Dutch and Portuguese recipes and the distinct lifestyle, culture and traditions make everyone visit Kerala again and again.

Among all these attractions, houseboats stand out very unique, offering mesmerising experience to all those cruising on. Navigating on the winding backwaters, is one of the best methods to explore the beauty of Kerala.

Popularly known as Kettuvallams, the houseboats of Kerala have a strong historic reference to the economy of the state. Since 3,000 BCE, the kettuvallams were playing vital role in carrying the primary merchandise like rice and spices and also the people from one place to another. Approximately of 100ft longer, these Kettuvallams were efficient to carry many times the quantity of goods a modern day truck can carry. So, they found prominent importance in the trading activities until the time the technology replaced the Kettuvallams with motorized vehicles and trains.

The term “Kettuvallam’ has got a significant reason behind. The entire 100 ft long structure is built without even a single nail. Long wooden planks tied with coir ropes and the outer body is quoted with black resin derived from boiled shells of cashew nuts. Today’s modern Kettuvallams called houseboats also use the traditional techniques with many add-ons to give an aesthetic appeal attracting the tourists, as houseboats are the foremost attraction of Kerala, besides others in the list.

A cruise by houseboat means a long journey in the Kerala’s hub of lakes and lagoons stretching over 900km crossing through Kerala. The bank of the lakes during the cruise gives you the different picture of Kerala. The cruise can wind up in few hours or you can halt overnight in the houseboat after a short visit to nearby village and resume the cruise next day morning.

A houseboat cruise in Kerala will not be complete without relishing the authentic cuisines of Kerala. The chef and the team on board prepares the delicious meal, tasting which is indeed a spectacular experience by itself!

Cholan Tours offers you an exotic cruise in the houseboats of Kerala, truly, a Never Before Experience!